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Jun 18, 2017
The Prodigal and His Older Brother
Korey shares how to respond to the love of God.
  • Jun 18, 2017The Prodigal and His Older Brother
    Jun 18, 2017
    The Prodigal and His Older Brother
    Korey shares how to respond to the love of God.
  • Jun 11, 2017“Personal Sin”
    Jun 11, 2017
    “Personal Sin”
    "Personal Sin"--Over the last two weeks we have looked at what We Believe about sin - Sin has been part of humanity's existence since the beginning and yet the miracle is that God has been at work throughout history to deal with this issue.
  • Jun 4, 2017“Sin-Original and Personal”
    Jun 4, 2017
    “Sin-Original and Personal”
    While sin isn't an easy topic to discuss in this day and time, it is relevant to the world that we live in.  Listen to this take on Original Sin as we continue to discuss what "We Believe!"
  • May 28, 2017Dr. Erin Meier
    May 28, 2017
    Dr. Erin Meier
    Dr. Erin Meier shares Papua New Guinea.
  • May 21, 2017Abraham: A Man of Inconvenience”
    May 21, 2017
    Abraham: A Man of Inconvenience”
    Abraham faced a host of inconveniences in his life, but he never stopped trusting God - will we?

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Peace I Give You

So once again our world is shattered because there is another senseless act of terrorism and murder.  Children, teens, moms have lost their lives, innocent bystanders in our estimation are dead because there are those who will do anything, and I do mean anything, to try and inflict pain, suffering and fear on the world.  It is sad.  It hurts.  It is selfish and arrogant and it tears at the heart of God.  We need to pray for those whose lives were forever changed in a horrific way yesterday in Manchester and we also need to pray for those who are responsible for this attack.  But I want to ask you if there is anything that we can say, if there is anything that we can look at or point to that will give us hope in this world that we live in that has been hijacked by those who seem to take life without so much as a passing thought?  I believe there is.


The Heaven-To-Earth Life!

I have a devotional book that was given to me late last year.  It has 365 devotionals, one of course for each day of the year, but they aren’t specifically dated, just “Day 1” etc.  A friend gave me the book and not long after he gave it to me shared one of the devotional thoughts from it with me.  I was so impressed that I went ahead and started the devotionals last year rather than wait until beginning in January.  After I got into it I was so impressed that I got one for Sue who loves it as well.  It is an amazing book that I would highly recommend to anyone entitled “The Book of Mysteries” by Jonathan Cahn.  It seems that almost every day there is something new, insightful and challenging to me that God is sharing from that book and I’m loving it.  Two of those devotional thoughts are the subject of this email/blog today and I hope it challenges you as well.


So That . . .

Did you ever play the game “Follow the Leader”?  Whomever was the “leader” would do something and you had to follow them and do exactly what they did.  Or what about a game of “Horse” on the basketball court?  The first one with the basketball shoots a shot of their choosing and if they make the basket then you have to shoot exactly the same shot.  If you make it then they have the choice to shoot another shot of their choosing but if you don’t make it you get a letter, starting with “H” and each missed shot adds another letter until whomever is the first to spell out the word “Horse” is the loser.  The object of both of the games is to do what the person in front of you does pretty much “in the same way.”