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Monuments 8/3/16

I’ve never actually seen them. but they must be there because it seems that everyone knows the rules.  I’m talking about elevators and the official/unofficial list of rules that everyone knows.  NO TALKING, NO SMILING, NO TOUCHING, NO EYE CONTACT ALLOWED WITHOUT WRITTEN CONSENT OF THE MANAGEMENT.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!


Friends and Such 7/27/16

I had lunch with an old friend today.  We haven’t seen each other in almost 30 years.  He still looks pretty much the same, except for the white hair (oh I can relate to that!)  We ate and talked, caught up on each other’s lives over the last 30 years, talked about grandchildren (he’s got 5 to my 2, so he won there), laughed and reminded each other of God’s goodness.


Prayer and Vision – 7/21/16

Can it really be July 21st?  Didn’t we just have graduation ceremonies, finish the last day of school and start summer vacation?  And now July is WAY, WAY more than half over and before you turn around again we’ll see the school buses picking up kids, see the school zone flashing lights (hopefully before we see the flashing lights on top of the car right behind us), and summer will be over!