God Wondered

I have a very old book in my library that I’ve read and marked up a lot and I’ve been thinking about reading again, so I picked it up this morning and was reminded why it grabbed my attention in the first place.  The book is The Kneeling Christian and is written by “An Unknown Christian.”  The very first words in the book are “God Wondered.”  The author goes on, “This is a very striking thought!  The very boldness of the idea ought surely to arrest the attention of every earnest Christian man, woman and child.  A wondering God!  Why, how staggered we might well be if we knew the cause of God’s ‘wonder’!”  Does that make you curious like it made me?  It is obviously a quote from the Bible and it certainly made me wonder.  The quote is taken from Isaiah 59:16 and from the King James Version.  Look at what it says.“And he saw that there was no man, and wondered that there was no intercessor:”   This is what it says in the NIV, “He saw that there was no one, he was appalled that there was no one to intervene;”  I’d like for you to think about that for just a few minutes and obviously that’s my subject for today – God is “wondering,” He is “appalled” that there was, that there is no one to intercede.  Of course we’re talking about prayer here and I believe you all know the importance of prayer in the life of us as believers.  I’m going to quote a little more off of just the first page of that book.
The author writes:  “But this was in the days of long ago, before the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ ‘full of grace and truth’–before the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, full of grace and power, ‘helping our infirmity,’ ‘Himself making intercession for us’ and in us (Romans 8:26).  Yes, and before the truly amazing promises of our Savior regarding prayer; before men knew very much about prayer; in the days when sacrifices for their sins loomed larger in their eyes than supplication for other sinners.
“Oh, how great must be God’s wonder today!  For how few there are among us who know what prevailing prayer really is!  Every one of us would confess that we believe in prayer, yet how many of us truly believe in the power of prayer.  Now, before we go a step farther, may the writer most earnestly implore you not to read hurriedly what is contained in these chapters.  Much–very much–depends upon the way in which every reader receives what is here recorded.  For everything depends upon prayer.”  (Emphasis mine)
I’ve determined that I need to go back and read this book again, and I am going to be doing just that, but at the same time I need to remind myself and I need to remind you that reading about prayer and praying are two VERY DIFFERENT THINGS!  And if I believe that last sentence that I quoted from the author, “For everything depends upon prayer” then I must make every effort to spend more time in prayer, more focused prayer, then I do in reading about it and in writing about it.
So fellow traveler, I’m not going to write much more here today, but I am going to ask you, does it cause concern to you that God “wondered that there was no intercessor”?  Does that speak to you?  And does the sentence that I have so obviously emphasized, “For everything depends upon prayer” speak to you as well?  
I’m going to tell you that God is calling me deeper into prayer.  I’ve been here before and it concerns me just a bit that He’s having to call me deeper again – maybe there is a season for this and maybe this timing is His, but I have to wonder if it’s because I’ve perhaps fallen short and He’s once again prompting me to come back.  Whatever the case, I’m not going to spend time worrying or wondering, but I am going to spend more time praying.  And I’m going to be challenging you to spend more time praying too.  Some of it will be from this book I’ve referenced and others, some from my own experience and study and hopefully most of it from God’s prompting.
Regardless, I want to urge us all to make prayer more of a priority, because I truly believe that everything depends upon prayer“.  

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