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Obedience 5/4/16

Good morning,
I’m a little late getting this out this morning, but I have a great excuse. Every once in awhile on a Wednesday morning, I have the privilege of going out to the Mescalero Care Center to share in their “chapel” time.


What Is Happening 4/27/16

Good morning,
This is more of an informational email this morning so I hope you’ll take the time to read it and be aware of all that is upcoming.
First, this weekend here at Bonita Park is our District Man Camp. Duane Grider is the special speaker this year.


Your Choice 4/20/16

Good morning,
I mentioned last week that I had the privilege of spending about 10 days with my son and daughter-in-law and these two AMAZING little guys above. In July I had the privilege of walking my BEAUTIFUL daughter down the aisle at her wedding and then performing she and our son-in-law’s wedding. I think you know by now that I LOVE being a grandpa,