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Focus 1/7/15

Focus – That is what this is about – Focus

On Sunday morning this past week I issued a challenge to us as the Body of Christ, for the next two weeks to spend time in prayer and fasting.  We are asking God to speak to us about His vision for us, individually and corporately.  The last three days have been interesting personally in that I have encountered some very interesting things in my times of prayer, in some of my reading, in some of my social media time and also in some of the activity I’ve found myself in.  Not all of it has been positive, and in the course of just three days I’ve found how easy it has been to get off track.

This morning as I have been starting my day, God seemed to say to me that this is all about Focus.  I want to tell you that the call to prayer and fasting is NOT about “fasting,” it is about Focus.  Prayer and fasting is more of a call to Focus on God than it is a call to fast meals.

I think that we’re dangerously close to the place in this world where we have forgotten how to Focus.  We are proud of the fact that we can “multi-task” on so many different things at one time.  We “text” on our phones while we’re with other people, not giving them our full attention.  We “browse” the internet while we’re sitting at a meal with friends and family.  (I’m not even going to try to get into the issue of texting while driving.)  (I guess I just did.)

I grew up with a dad who had a passion about how to drive.  My dad drove a truck for almost 50 years and he was passionate about being a good driver.  Dad grew up in a time when truck drivers were professionals – driving was (and is) an art, a skill that should be honed and given attention.  When he was teaching me how to drive he beat it into my head (not literally) over and over that when you are driving you should be driving.  He spoke to me many, many times about how most pastors were not good drivers because they were trying to do so many other things when they were driving.  He told me he was going to do everything that he could to make sure that I knew how to drive.

Have you seen the car commercial that is showing you the car that “warns” you when something or someone is behind you . . . that has an alarm that goes off if you “stray out of your lane” while you are driving . . . that will automatically brake for you if you don’t do it yourself when someone or something has stopped in front of you?  I was amused the first time I saw the commercial because the catch line was that this car will do all of this for you “so that you can just relax and drive!”  That is absurd.  If we were just “driving” we would be paying attention to all of those things.  No, that commercial is about everything but driving.  That car company is telling us that we can “do other things” and the car will do the driving.  I DO NOT trust that a car can safely see every possible problem and take care of me and the danger of this is that we rely on a computer to do what really only we can do.  I think the danger there is that it’s a product of our society that tells us we can multi-task and let technology “take care of us.”

There is a danger in our spiritual lives that we can “multi-task” with God.  We pray on the go; we read the Bible in snippets or listen to it as we are doing other things; we “listen” to God as we’re making our shopping list, setting up appointments, and a hundred other things.

This call to prayer and fasting is a call to Focus.  I am asking you to intentionally TAKE THE TIME over these next two weeks to Focus on God.  That is what He wants.  That is what He is hoping that we’ll do.  That is what we MUST do if we are going to hear from God.  He isn’t here to be a “warning alarm” when we stray out of the correct lane – He isn’t here to put the brakes on when we don’t see the obstacle in front of us; He is trying to get us to Focus on what is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN OUR LIVES – HIM!

One more thing – I am attaching an internet link at the bottom of this paragraph.  I read this article this morning about the church and it hit me that the author has nailed it.  You may or may not know or relate to the two “illustrations” that he uses but I hope you’ll see the point he is making.  The link is  http://www.ministrymatters.com/all/entry/5673/the-church-u2-and-taylor-swift

I love you and I urge you to Focus today on what God has in mind for you.