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Dec 9, 2019
“O Come All Ye Faithful-Love”
"O Come All Ye Faithful-Love"
  • Dec 9, 2019“O Come All Ye Faithful-Love”
    Dec 9, 2019
    “O Come All Ye Faithful-Love”
    "O Come All Ye Faithful-Love"
  • Dec 2, 2019O Come O Come Emmanuel -Hope
    Dec 2, 2019
    O Come O Come Emmanuel -Hope
    O Come O Come Emmanuel -Hope
  • Nov 25, 2019“Power of Thanksgiving”
    Nov 25, 2019
    “Power of Thanksgiving”
    "Power of Thanksgiving"
  • Nov 18, 2019“The Power of the Cross”
    Nov 18, 2019
    “The Power of the Cross”
    "The Power of the Cross"
  • Nov 11, 2019The Power of the Spirit
    Nov 11, 2019
    The Power of the Spirit
    "The Power of the Spirit".

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Giving and Receiving

There is an old Jewish story that tells of a rabbi who asked the Lord to show him heaven and hell.  He met with the Lord and God said to him, “I will show you hell first.”  Inside was a large round table with a pot of delicious stew in the center of the table.  The people in the room were equipped with long-handled spoons, but they were all starving.  They were able to dip into the stew quite easily, but because the spoon handles were longer than a person’s arm, they were unable to get the nourishing food to their mouth.  God closed the door and said to him, “Now I will show you heaven.”


Why Pray?

I’ve spent over 55 years of my life involved in the church  Most of it I have held the position of a pastor but I want you to know that i don’t think that makes me any better than anyone else or any closer to God than anyone else.  I have know people who held positions like laborers, teachers, business men and women, business owners, accountants, grocers, stay at home moms and dads, military persons, police and fire fighters, doctors, nurses and much, much more, and many of them were more intimate in their relationship with Christ than I was.  One of the keys to people like that was their prayer life.  For many of them there was an intimacy with God that came because of the time they spent in prayer with God alone.  You could hear it in the way they talked; you could see it in the way they treated others; you could watch it when hard times came and when life became difficult.  And many of them challenged me to learn more about prayer and more importantly to learn how to pray simply by the life they lived!  But why?  Why is it that people who are especially intimate with God seem to have an active, intimate prayer life?  Why pray?


Love, Love, Love

There are some interesting words in the story of Jesus and His last night on earth with His disciples before He is crucified.  We find part of it in John 13 where Jesus shares the Passover Feast with them and before they eat their meal He washes their feet.  I’ll be honest with you, the words that I’m thinking about, I don’t really think we pay any attention to them at all.  I want you to understand that I’m talking about most all of us.  Most all of us who call ourselves Christians.  Most all of us who go to church most weeks.  Most all of us who read the Bible, who pray, who believe what Jesus came for and what He says. 

Those are pretty harsh words, but the more that I think about it the more I think I believe it.